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People do not do buy things. People buy how things make them feel. Are your communications producing the types of relationships that generate a return on investment? #thefeels

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Who is Janney PR?


Janney PR

Janney PR is a public relations consultancy that develops comprehensive solutions for organizations seeking to establish, maintain and grow profitable relationships with their stakeholders. We implement research-based strategies and tactics to drive measurable business objectives for long-term, sustainable growth.

Business executives call on Janney PR to fill in the gaps at the highest level of their communications programs. We work with leaders and other staff to develop effective communications teams and the brand messaging campaigns they carry out. Together, we develop engaging, dynamic and effective strategies that help each client organization build mutually beneficial relationships with those it relies on for success — internally and externally.

Janney PR helps organizations relate. Achieving this requires a tremendous amount of work and expertise. It involves research, analysis, planning, management, team building, integration, and more. How your stakeholders feel about your brand is crucial. Don’t leave it to chance.

Are your communications producing the types of relationships that generate a return on investment?

John Janney, APR (Principal)

John Janney is an accredited public relations professional with more than 20 years of experience formulating comprehensive brand strategies that align with business objectives. He is adept at creating a consistent corporate voice that connects with target audiences and produces measurable business results.

As a results-oriented professional, he maintains a focus on metrics and integrated marketing communications. John is also a tech-savvy digital native who possesses the rare skill for leveraging emerging media and traditional public relations and marketing strategies to drive clients’ businesses forward.

Dedicated to his professional development, John earned his master’s degree in public relations and then his Accreditation in Public Relations (APR). He is a member Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), chair of the Accreditation Committee for PRSA Southwest District and co-chair of the PRSA Dallas Accreditation Committee.

“People do not buy things. People buy how things make them feel.” — John Janney, APR

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