Janney Public Relations

John Janney, APR, is a communications strategy consultant who develops integrated communications plans for small and medium size businesses and nonprofits and then provides training, support, and ongoing mentoring to the client’s in-house team who are implementing the plan.

Why Janney Public Relations?

Typically, organizations are faced with two choices: 1) hire a complete public relations and marketing communications team; or 2) hire a public relations and marketing firm. An in-house team requires leadership, and quality communications executives demand high salaries. An outside firm, however, will provide resources that cost far more than your in-house team — your get less bang for more bucks.

There are two primary functions in a small or medium size communications department: planning and implementation. Planning requires a high level of expertise, while implementation requires tremendous resources. If organizations save money on the planning function, they have more to invest in developing their in-house implementation team.

The Janney Public Relations approach is to provide the outsourced strategic planning for a fraction of the cost of hiring a communications executive, which makes room for your business or nonprofit to invest in-house. This in-house team-focused approach sets the foundation for more consistent brand messaging, stronger corporate culture, and better communications performance.

The Janney Public Relations Process

The process is straightforward. After gathering the required information about your organization and the stakeholders it seeks to build relationships with, Janney Public Relations develops an integrated communications plan that includes strategies, objectives, tactics, tools, resources, timetables, and budgets. Once the plan is agreed upon, we work with internal staff to launch the plan and provides ongoing implementation support and mentoring to relevant staff.

About John Janney, MA, APR (Principal)

John Janney, APR, is a communications strategy consultant with more than 20 years of experience growing for-profit and nonprofit organizations. John holds multiple degrees in mass communications and public relations. He earned the internationally recognized Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) and serves as the Public Relations Society of America’s Southwest District Chair of Accreditation. As part of his commitment to the public relations industry, he has served as judge for numerous public relations awards programs.

John possesses the rare combination of creative and analytical skills that enable him to tie communications strategies and tactics to business objectives. Because of this, he is highly skilled at increasing the profitability of relationships between organizations and their stakeholders.

Are your communications producing the types of relationships that generate a return on investment?

“People do not buy things. People buy how things make them feel.” — John Janney, APR

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